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Bait Supplies:
 Dozen Bloodworms $8.99
 Fresh Mullet ($2.50 Per Pound, Price Changes)
 Fresh Bunker (Getting 200 Pounds A Day, $2.50 lb.)
 Regular Fresh Shrimp $3.99 1/2 lb.
 Frozen Cob Mullet $6.99
 Frozen Finger Mullet $3.99
 Frozen Squid $2.99 1 lb.
 Cleaned And Stripped Squid, Marinated In Peeler Crab Oil $4.99

Recommended Baits:
    When deciding on what bait to use, one thing to consider is that no one
bait catches all fish. Below are a few recommendations of the baits we sell
along with the various fish each bait tend to attract.

Bloodworms - spot, croaker, sea mullet, blowtoad
Shrimp - puppy drum, black drum, sea mullet, trout, pompano
Squid - flounder, croaker, blowtoad, sea mullet
Mullet- drum, stripers, bluefish, trout, flounder
Menhaden (aka Bunker, Fatback) - drum, stripers

    Now bear in mind that this list is a general guide in order to give you a
general idea of what to use when targeting a certain species. You'll be
surprised at what fish will and will not bite at times.

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